Our Values
One of the things you need to know is – “What’s important to this church body?” Here are the things we have identified as our values:

It’s about people first … not programs, buildings or traditions. People matter!

The Christian faith is positive – Jesus came to save, not condemn. We are learning to experience God’s gift of celebration and fun.

We are on a spiritual journey … through life with God. We need to be deliberate in our spiritual growth and focused – living with purpose.

Our faith has to be relevant to our daily living. We present truth (God’s Word) in such a way that it becomes practical and real.

Community worship is an awesome experience of encouraging, inspiring, participatory God celebration!

Every person has the potential to serve God and people by using their unique design. In serving, life takes on thrill and meaning.

We purposefully invest time and resources in the development and spiritual growth of children, youth and families.

We value our diversity by being inclusive and loving to all people. We become a family.

We will always look for means and opportunities to grow as a church family and share God’s love & Good News with more people.

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