In Service to God
We do not exist for ourselves. God has given us the directive to care for, share with and serve the people all around us. We make an honest attempt to adopt this kind of a life-style. And, we have discovered that our effect is greater when we serve together. You are invited to get involved in one or more of the following efforts:

… to God and the church

Every believer has been given abilities which can be used to serve God and people. We encourage you to work within your area of passion (interest) using your unique abilities and personality. A church truly becomes a home as you become involved in the work and ministries of the church. The degree of your involvement will depend upon your willingness and availability. We can help you to explore and identify those areas where you might want to get involved in service. (All adults involved with ministries to children and youth will now need to complete the Child Safety application process as well.)

… to the Community and Beyond

FOOD, CLOTHING and TOYS are collected at holidays and various times throughout the year in partnership with a number of charitable organizations.

There are many great ways and places to serve in our community. You may contact us with questions or you can call these local organizations directly.

CHRISTIAN WOMEN CONNECTION (CWC) of FHCoG has various projects and events throughout the year to raise funds for missions both local and worldwide.  For more information on CWC events or ways to get involved, contact the church office.

The Youth Program, REVOLUTION YOUTH MINISTRIES,  offers a variety of service opportunities.

INTERNATIONAL MISSION TRIPS are a great opportunity to see and experience God at work around the world. For the last several years, the church has sent members of our congregation on a summer mission trip to Costa Rica.  In addition, other mission trip opportunities are often available in partnership with Revolution Youth Ministries, outside churches and other organizations.

In Addition ...

Our church family is committed to looking beyond ourselves. We have made the commitment to "pass on" a dollar amount equal to at least 10% of our annual giving. This supports:

All of this is an attempt to fulfill our purpose to serve.  We have discovered that some of life's most rewarding and fulfilling moments come in the midst of serving and giving. Come, join us in serving...

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