Music Ministry Team Access

Psalm 150 exhorts us to:
"Praise the Lord in His sanctuary, with the sounding of the trumpet, with the harp and lyre, with the strings and flute, with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."

The Book of Ephesians echoes:
"Speak to one another with psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord." (5:9)

The Farmington Hills Church of God Music Ministry exists to fulfill three main purposes: to glorify our Lord; to lead our congregation into meaningful worship of our Savior; and to provide growth and fellowship for those with a love of music.

By employing a wide variety of musical styles, we recognize the different musical tastes within our congregation. Our purpose in music is not to educate others to our favorite style, but to glorify God and minister to people.

We encourage everyone to praise God through music either through congregational singing or by joining one of the different music ministries that are available.

Vocal/Instrumental Ensembles
Music is a special resource for our Sunday worship experiences. It might be vocal or instrumental solos, duets, trios, quartets or other larger ensembles. Your involvement is welcome!

Children and Youth
Music is a great way for children and youth to express themselves and to honor God. We usually have a least one drama/music event annually. This is performed by the children. Many of our youth play and sing together informally or at youth meetings. Some of our youth are regular participants with the Worship Team.

Worship Team
This is a small group of singers and instrumentalists who lead in the congregational worship celebration.

To Become Involved...
All musical groups are coordinated through the church office. Some groups require a greater degree of skill and experience than others. We would be glad to direct you to the appropriate groups for your interest and experience.

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