Marriage Ministries
The greatest human need is love - to give it and to get it!

At Farmington Hills Church of God, we believe in the importance of supporting and strengthening marriages.

A happy marriage takes more than luck, and staying married is a lifelong ebb and flow of giving and taking. Between the distractions of careers, kids, in-laws, and money, your marriage can get set on a back burner on a low flame.

Our goal is to help you keep your marriage alive and off that back burner.

Celebrate your marriage through:

  • Marriage Enrichment Weekends (see dates and places below)
  • Couple “Date Night” Programs (with childcare)
  • Sunday Morning Bible Study for Couples
  • Special Events & Activities
  • Small Groups focused on Marriage Topics

Marriage Mentoring – using The Prepare/Enrich Program

The leading relationship inventory and skill-building program used nationally and internationally.

  • Premarital & engagement preparation
  • Married couples desiring support

What is Marriage Mentoring?

Marriage Mentoring is for couples who would like someone who has “been there and lived through it” to come alongside for friendship and guidance. Mentors are trained facilitators who help you to navigate your marital journey through good communication skills in a mutually growing, Christ-centered relationship.


Couple Getaway Weekends … “Fall in love all over again”

Happy marriages know that “time away together” is like a tune-up for their relationship.

We invite you to experience a weekend where you get to concentrate only on each other—free from life distractions and where the atmosphere is designed for you to have fun learning more about yourself, your spouse, and how God fits into your marriage. This is not group therapy, and everything you share and talk about is done in the privacy of your own room together.

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Getaway Weekend

Couple comments from past Enrichment Weekends

“The memory of this very special weekend is something we will always treasure.”

“The Huron House was a perfect setting to ‘fall in love all over again’.”

“Being able to concentrate as a couple with no interruptions was very valuable to us.”

“We didn’t want to miss it, and the Novi Marriott location made it more affordable for us to attend.”

“The marriage retreat was the tune-up we needed. It reminded us why we fell in love with each other… I highly recommend the FHCoG marriage retreat to any couple who wants to feel more connected to their spouse no matter where they are at in their relationship.”

For more information…
If you would like to be contacted regarding any of the marriage programs, please call the church office at 248-477-9144.