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Anderson University
Christian Liberal Arts college affiliated with the Church of God.

Church of God - Anderson, Indiana
General Assembly of the Church of God.
Church of God in Michigan
Offices of the Michigan Church of God providing support for local churches in Michigan.

Church of God Youth
Youth of the Church of God.
Christians Broadcasting Hope - Viewpoint
International ministry of the Church of God broadcasting God's message via radio and over the internet in eight languages.

Bible Gateway
A service of providing the Bible online in multiple translations, fully searchable along with additional study tools.
Samaritan Counseling Center
The Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeastern Michigan provides professional therapeutic counseling and educational services to all God's people seeking wholeness through emotional and spiritual growth.
Warner Camp
Warner Camp is a nonprofit Christian campground, youth camp, and retreat facility located in Grand Junction, Michigan. It is the only Church of God Youth Camp in Michigan.  Its location provides an excellent atmosphere for quiet, peaceful, beautiful retreats for all ages.

Warner Press
Warner Press is affiliated with the Church of God and prvides study and curriculum resources.
Christian Women Connection
National site of the Women of the Church of God.

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